Creating custom pieces is kind of ...well... personal!

I didn't know when I started making custom jewelry how PERSONAL it would get. I know that sounds incredibly stupid to say... but I did not have any expectation for the difficult and extremely private conversations I would have with my clients...or rather... they would have with me.
Personalized grandma bracelet

There are of course, a lot of births, surprise jewelry made to announce that someone is about to become a Grandma. I have worked the magic of Santa's secret elf a few times too...

But I had no idea the amount of miscarriages, losses of parents, divorces, cancer patients, and women healing from dangerous and distressing situations I would encounter. I was at my desk one day stamping bracelets for a  non-profit that works to help victims of sex-trafficking. The bracelets they commissioned had the human trafficking number hidden on the underside.... so that at risk or already preyed upon girls and women could have the number with them if and when they ever needed to make the call. ...WOW... That was the first time I really felt like my jewelry was doing something meaningful... but the truth is.. I was wrong.
A piece of my heart is in heaven necklace
I had talked to so many women way before then... as they struggled with so many life lows, and I know that a motivational phrase or memorial of mine was with them for when they needed it! 

At times its dark, but it is FAR MORE REWARDING than I ever knew it would be... both for the good times and the hard times in these women's lives! 


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